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Board Games You Like

Discussion in 'Fun Time' started by zararina, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. zararina

    zararina Member

    When I was in grade school, Chess is very popular in us and I could still remember that there are even chess tournaments.

    And we are also enjoying a local board game which is called dama.

    I also enjoy playing scrabbles and it was actually our favorite past time when we are in high school and I even remember that we play it almost everyday when we have time to play it.
  2. Lucy1982

    Lucy1982 New Member

    I love playing scrabble in different languages. I am learning Spanish and French. My friends and I get together to practice the words while playing scrabble.
  3. WorkingMom

    WorkingMom New Member

    We love playing scrabbles, too. It was really funny when my brothers and I will start fighting on a certain word. We have to consult Mr. Webster ( dictionary).
  4. Olivia

    Olivia New Member

    I like to play chess, The Game of Life, and Scrabble. My absolute favorite game is called Spoons, and it is a card game. I have not played in so long, I forgot the rules, but at one point everyone has to grab a spoon. If you re left without one, you leave the game. It is quite funny to watch friends dive over a table for a spoon!
  5. Cecille

    Cecille Active Member

    I honestly haven't learned to play chess. What I used to play back when I was younger are Snakes and Ladders and Scrabble. These two are my favorites 'cause it enhances one's mind and skills. English language is my favorite subject as well so I was really thrilled whenever I played Scrabble with my classmates and got higher scores than them. :)
  6. Renee

    Renee Member

    I love playing clue, scrabble, checkers, connect four, monopoly, and who wants to be a millionaire.
  7. Eirini

    Eirini Active Member

    • Snakes and Ladders
    • Cluedo
    • Taboo <3<3<3<3 my favvvvv <3
  8. Lee11

    Lee11 Active Member

    Boardgames that I like? Well, there are quite a few. I love Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble, Cluedo, Monopoly and 3o Seconds. All so much FUN. I also love Boggle, although it is technically not a board game but it is played like one. Pictionary can be fun too.
  9. summerRain

    summerRain Member

    I also love Scrabble and Monopoly. Dama is also my favorite board game. Oh! And Snake and Ladders too. :p
  10. Lucky120

    Lucky120 Member

    I love Monopoly games actually they are fun. I have a ps3 and we just got the Monopoly game which is awesome. They have a whole little 3d version and different boards. The characters are awesome, so if you have a ps3 I would recommend it. You will have a lot of fun with this game, and scrabble is pretty fun as well. I do not have that on ps3, but I play it on the computer now. Those are my two favorite games at them moment. I love them both.
  11. roxfan003

    roxfan003 Member

    My husband and I have a ton of board games. We love playing them and already had a ton between both of us, but then we registered for several on our wedding registry. My favorites are Settlers of Catan, The Game of Life, Sequence, and Friends SceneIt.
  12. xcmiller93x

    xcmiller93x Member

    My favorite game is Apples to Apples. It's really fun. Everyone will have a good time when you play it.
  13. blueeyes

    blueeyes New Member

    My favorite board game would have to be scrabble. I have been playing that for years and never tire of it. A close second would be yahtzee because its more a game of chance rather than skill.
  14. PamBeacher

    PamBeacher Member

    My 2 all time favorite boardgames are still Scrabble and Backgammon.
  15. Epicfied

    Epicfied Member

    This is a really neat idea. I had never really thought of that.
    hm... Maybe I'll learn to study for French after all.

    And for my response to the original post... I also even scrabble. I rarely ever play board games any more though.

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