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What do you do for Valentine's Day?


Sep 25, 2014
One holiday season ends, another begins. Soon we'll be rushing around trying to make plans for Valentine's Day.

Do you make a big deal of it, or do you just do something laid back?

We used to go all out, but we don't get too crazy any more. I think this year I'll see if he wants to make dinner together and grab a nice bottle of wine. There will be chocolates, of course. That just goes without saying... ha ha.
We are probably gonna just have dinner at home. We used to go out but watching 3 or 4 hours for a table is just ridiculous. Especially when the restaurants we like to eat at don't take reservations. I don't want to eat super early before the crowds so its easier to cook at home or to celebrate before or after.

Some people really go all out but I'm just not that person. I am pretty simple and lazy lol.
Yeah, that makes sense. I hate to wait, and I definitely wouldn't wait that long. I can't think of any restaurant that I enjoy enough to wait 3-4 hours for a table.

I don't mind eating early, if it isn't too early. I mean, I don't want it to be an hour after lunch or anything, but a little on the early side would be okay with me. I get what you're saying though. Besides, sometimes it's fun to cook something together and just make thing of it. We usually make a dang nice dinner together.
Yes, time will pass quickly. Very soon Christmas, then it will be New Year and Valentine's Day.
Last year on this day my boyfriend proposed to me. We had a wedding in September.