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Tv Programme "lost"


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Sep 10, 2004
Any of you been watching Lost on channel 4, wednesday evenings?

It's one of those "ok this is so stupidly over the top" programmes that you HAVE to watch.... kinda like Home and Away *looks at ubby*.

It's on Channel 4 this evening at 10pm... who will watch it with me... *looks at ubby and thisty* I will need huggles cos it's getting kinda creppy now

Comparing Lost to Home and Away is disgraceful....

For one Lost has some actors who can act....

For two, it can be entertaining.....

And three.... Home and Away makes as much sense as Stevie Wonder getting an expensive car for a gift....

I watched it when it was on and ALL my friends were totally hooked. And you SO cannot compare it to Home and Away because thsoe home and away people couldn't act if it was a choice between doing a convincing act and being launched out to space to float through space for eternity (as punishment for such horridness) even though that show is addictive

Forgive the rant, what we're here to talk about is the brilliance of Lost. Is it the first season? Is it far in? We've had the first season and it was SO scandelous when it ended and it's not coming back on until NEXT YEAR *cries* What has happened so far? Oh you're going to get so addicted.

I heart Lost

Sorry Snowy, I may have been over reacting

I agree that Home and Away is addictive. Soap Operas are. It's terrible.

But what about LOST?