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School.........when Do You Start??


New Member
Jul 5, 2005
Right Behind You
When do you styart??

i start in 1 1/2 wekk!! cant wait!!!

im so bored here....i wanna goo!!!
Ah is it summer holidays there?
School's still on here and it'll be a few more weeks before the end of term. And before the end of term there are mock exams *whimper*
8 weeks of school left here (excluding 2week school hols) and i can't wait! get to stay up late on the net! (until someone starts lecturing me about how i should go to bed because staying up until 4:30am isn't healthy for me
(even tho he used to do it too
4.30am???? Jeepers creepers PP!! I start to go cross eyed if I stay up too long, goodness knows how you last!

I'm from NZ Dreama. Summer holidays are over christmas
Well school starts here in 1 week 6 th of september I DONT WANNNA GO : ( i have to get up at 6 in the morning please save meee
NZ wow so winter is summer?
Dreama what grade r u in
6am volcom?? That's horrible! I've gotta get up at 6.30 and I thought I was hard done by...heh.

The seasons are just opposites, you know, with the hemispheres. So when it's winter here it's summer in the northern hemisphere and when it's spring here it's autumn there blah blah blah. The seasons are gmamy anyway though because of where we are. Sometimes summer days are freezing and sometimes winter days are mild. Makes it hard to decide what to wear becuase you might over- or under-dress.