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Not Going To Be Around Much This Weekend.


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Sep 15, 2004
I have not been feeling right over the last week...had earache which has been getting gradually worse...last night it really did me in...I went to bed but could not sleep and was in complete agony so ended up getting back up and watching TV(all I can say is I glad we have Sky)

So as you can imagine I am so tired and feel totally ill(Im not even going to my local to watch the Man Utd game...must be really bad)

Just wanted to let you all know just incase anyone wondered where I was...take it easy everyone...
Awwww sweetie
What you need is an extra dose of Snowy's Magic Medicine (Hot ribena). It's not long since I had an ear infection that made me deaf so I sympathise! It's horrible!

As thisty says, make sure you rest up loads.
Thanks guys...I've just popped on to say that im still not well and am going to the doctors in a bit...want to get something to stop the pain as the lack of sleep is not doing me any good.

Hope to see you all soon...take it easy xxxxxxxx
Hi guys...just another quicky...doctor says I've got a very bad viral infection in my throat and ear...have been in total agony for over 24 hiours now and am tearful all the time...not sure when Im going to be back on...thanks for all the best wishes...love to you all.xxxxxxxxx