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Morning-after Cream May Cut Skin Cancer


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Nov 10, 2004
SCIENTISTS have developed a revolutionary morning-after sun cream that could cut the number of skin cancer deaths.
Unlike conventional lotions which only soothe and moisturise the skin it contains a protein which repairs DNA damage caused by the sun's rays.

Its makers hope it will be used as part of a daily regime to protect against skin cancer.

Melanoma claims more than 400 lives in NSW every year and more than 3200 new cases of the disease are diagnosed annually.

The cream - Demericine - is based on a natural protein that improves the skin's normal repair process.

It contains oil sacs that allow the protein to penetrate skin cells and removes damaged areas of DNA.

Normal creams do not repair skin cells but soothe sore areas by moisturising them. Some also contain aloe vera, a painkiller.

The new lotion has been tested on 30 people with a rare genetic disease that makes them highly susceptible to skin cancer.

The test subjects who used it every day for a year had 30 per cent fewer skin cancers and 68 per cent fewer pre-cancerous lesions.

Dr Daniel Yaroush, president of the US firm AGI Dermatics which developed the cream, said the lotion appeared to prevent suppression of the immune system.

He added it should not be used instead of normal sunscreen or as an excuse to stay out longer in the sun.

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