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Many Couples Unfit For Pregnancy


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Sep 10, 2004
Many couples do not ensure they are in the best physical condition to conceive, a survey suggests.

A poll of 2,000 women in the UK by Pregnancy & Birth magazine found two-thirds drink alcohol and four in 10 smoke while trying for a baby.

Only 44% of women hoping to conceive said they tried to eat a healthy diet.

Experts said it was important couples were educated how health could affect their fertility and that most would subsequently follow medical advice.

Most of the women surveyed were readers of the magazine and were either pregnant or trying to conceive.

The average age of those who responded was 29.

While trying to conceive, 68% of all women said they continued to drink alcohol and two out of 10 admitted they drank "far too much".

Of the 49% who were smokers, only 26% gave up the habit. Of the 47% of male partners who smoked, only 23% gave up.

Unhealthy lifestyles

A third of the women and their male partners trying to conceive were overweight, according to the responses.

Three out of 10 couples trying to conceive reported taking recreational drugs.

The research also found that 70% of those questioned believed that women were leaving it too late to have children, with most stating 26 as the "ideal age" for a first child.

The reasons women gave for delaying having a baby included not feel ready, not having met the right man or wanting to establish their careers before having a child.

Many said it had never occurred to them that they might have problems conceiving.

The magazine's editor Sarah Hart said: "Women spend much of their young life trying not to fall pregnant and it simply doesn't occur to them they may not be able to conceive.

i find the healthy i eat the easier i concieve
thats why when i get down to my goal weight i have to be supper careful
this is nearly the lowest i been ever after having a baby