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Lost Finds 6m Fans


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Sep 10, 2004
t has been one of the most promoted TV shows of the year.

But the hype paid off this week when the first episode of Lost pulled in

6.4million viewers - a record for a US import on Channel 4.

This topped the previous record for a US show of 4.6million set by Desperate Housewives in January. And it was no flash in the pan - viewers gave Lost a big thumbs-up, with 6.1million tuning in for the second instalment.

The atmospheric, and frankly weird, drama beat stiff competition from British favourites such as The Bill on ITV1 and BBC1's Holby City and Silent Witness to gain a 28 per cent share of Wednesday night's TV audience.

The 25-part series, opens with the hero Dr Jack Shepherd (Matthew Fox) waking up on a tropical beach after surviving a grim jet crash. Like the William Golding epic Lord Of The Flies, the series will follow the survivors' attempts to rebuild their lives on a remote and hostile island.

Fans were hooked from the outset by an unseen monster and a very visible polar bear, as well as the revelation that Kate, Dr Jack's obvious love interest (played by Evangeline Lilly) was handcuffed on the plane.

did anyone watch this it was GREAT
defo be watchin it next week
I'm with Jen, we're up to about episode 23/ 24 and it gets a bit tiring waiting for something new to happen.
It has started to pick up a little which is good news.