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Gender details

Discussion in 'Support & Suggestions' started by Snowbaby, Sep 22, 2004.

  1. Snowbaby

    Snowbaby Active Member

    Hello all,

    I've added a gender specification to the personal profiles. I would appreciate it if you could all fill this part in please.

    To do so....go to:-

    * My Controls (top of this page)
    * Edit Profile Info

    In here you will see "Your Gender". Use the drop down box to select the appropriate choice. Whilst you are there, would you all mind adding "Your Date of Birth".

    If anyone needs further help, please feel free to PM one of the Moderating Team :D
  2. Dot

    Dot Active Member

    ....um. I don't see it Snowy :(
  3. Snowbaby

    Snowbaby Active Member

    Okies, I will check and look into it, will let you know when I fix it! Thanks Dot
  4. Snowbaby

    Snowbaby Active Member

    Okies Dot, I had a peekie see and it is there....

    Have a look at my screen shot, it might help u. There is date of birth, website URL, then gender. Let me know if u have it now?

    Thanks! :tu:

    p.s. when u choose the gender, click on Amend my Profile..... after u click this, the gender box will be blank, but it has worked ;)

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