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Efforts To Identify Woodland Body


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Sep 10, 2004
Police searching for schoolboy Rory Blackhall have been trying to establish the identity of a body found in woods.

The body of a young male was discovered by search teams on Sunday afternoon, three days after Rory, from Adambrae, in Livingston, disappeared.

The police said they cannot confirm if the body is that of Rory, 11, but the search for him has been called off.

Forensic teams have been continuing to carry out an examination of the area where the body was found.

The discovery was made just before 1300 BST on Sunday in woods at the western end of Dechmont Law, between the M8 motorway and Rory's school, Meldrum Primary.

Chief Inspector Jim Thomson, who has been leading the search for Rory, said his thoughts were the boy's family.

Public response

He said: "The fact that they have had this information must be completely devastating."

Mr Thomson said forensic experts would continue to examine the scene.

Rory's mother Michelle had dropped him off near Meldrum Primary in the Deans area of the town at about 0830 BST on Thursday and there were no confirmed sightings of him after that.

The alarm was raised on Thursday afternoon when Rory's grandfather went to collect him from school and it was found he had not been in classes all day.

This is so very sad
The family of the wee boy must be going through hell... Doesn't bare thinking abut
I hope they hear some news soon... hopefully good news.