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What Is Your Least favorite Thing About Christmas Shopping?

Discussion in 'Come in and have a moan!' started by Dreek Lass, Nov 22, 2014.

  1. Dreek Lass

    Dreek Lass Member

    I am not a fan of any type of shopping, period. Unless it is the kind of shopping that sees me go straight to the shop or place where I can get what I am looking for, before swiftly returning home. I don't understand how people can go into town with no pre-planned purchases, and just flitter from shop to shop perusing. But I do know that many people do love doing that. But it is certainly not for me.

    So, as you can imagine, I am NOT a fan of Christmas shopping. For a myriad of reasons lol. And it is even worse when there is snow, frost, or ice on the floor. Not even seeing someone slip can make just how miserable I get up to me lol.

    So what is your least favorite thing about Christmas shopping?
  2. CuteyKitten

    CuteyKitten New Member

    My least favorite part about holiday shopping is that there are always those who have everything. You just don't know what to buy them. And you can't make any usefull homemade gifts unless its something that sits around and collects dust. So then when you ask them what they want they list an item that is so expenive you could never afford it or they just say I don't know.
  3. DearSweetAru

    DearSweetAru New Member

    My least favorite part about Christmas shopping is... the customers/other shoppers. I already felt this way even before I worked retail, but after? I refuse to go shopping in a store ever again after enduring that. People run around stating how important it is to spread Christmas cheer, and then go into stores where they treat other customers horrendously and then act like the workers are slaves.

    Oh, the item is sold out? Let's yell at the worker like they can change that and ruin their day because you chose to shop on the 22nd. Store doesn't have that very specific item your 7 year old swore was in the store but never actually existed in the store? Worker must be a liar despite being there for years versus the child who went in for maybe fifteen minutes and could have mixed it with another store with similar wares (or the store in the next city over). All in all, it made me crabby and hate the Christmas season outside of my own home.

    At home I enjoy Christmas. With my friends I enjoy Christmas. Out in malls and stores? Loathe it. The meaning all the movies and shows shove down your throat about it having good cheer, etc. goes out the window the second you try shopping in a store. So, I stick to online shopping. Amazon is my best friend.

    Ever since I switched to shopping solely online I have had no issues Christmas shopping.
  4. Zynni

    Zynni Member

    Overall, I enjoy Christmas shopping. Unfortunately, my disability keeps me from doing it like I used to do. My husband and I recently went for a shopping trip, but I had to rest after every store. Sometimes, before we were done with one store, I would have to sit down to rest. So, that's the main thing I don't like. It makes me feel old.
  5. Ayane

    Ayane Member

    WRAPPIN. I gave up on it. I just stick it in a bag, put paper in it, and there.

    You think after wrapping subs and wraps I'd be good at wrapping but Nope.

    Just cant stand it.
  6. Seffiata

    Seffiata Member

    My least favorite thing? Walking around a store wondering what I can get for my boyfriend's family; they have it all. This year I'll not worry about it at all tho, I'll buy them whatever is on clearance. Oh yeah, next christmas is going to be a real nightmare for me! But yeah, I honestly don't like to go shopping for Christmas gifts, the pressure is immense! Because I know that for Christmas I am supposed to get something nice enough!

    Going to a big market or store doesn't help much, specially if I don't know the person well. I know the intention is what counts, but I don't like to give gifts that won't be used or worn!

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