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The secret life of women

Discussion in 'Burning Issues' started by annifer333, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. annifer333

    annifer333 New Member

    How many of you have a secret? ..
    I would assume that if you say "I don't have one" you are probably lying.

    We all have a secret in some form or another. Maybe you cheated on your taxes, you have a crush on your friends boyfriend, you are bi-curious, you have an addiction, you have an eating disorder.

    I want this thread to be open, without judgment. A place where you can tell your secret and won't be afraid to be judged. If you feel the need to say something rude in your comment, just hit the back button and leave your comment somewhere else. This isn't the place for it.

    I will start by saying that I secretly like to watch porn. I am very into girl-on-girl action but I'm not a lesbian. I am actually getting married in a few months to a man. My fiance knows I like to watch this type of thing and gets turned on by it. I don't talk about this with any of my close friends. I'm afraid they will look at me and think im gross.

    Whats a secret you have?
  2. ctec67

    ctec67 New Member

    We all have secrets or what I like to call them "skeletons in our closets". Sometimes it helps to talk about those things, sometimes it's best to keep them hidden. It really all depends on why they are a secret in the first place, would it help you or anyone else if you talked about them and last, have you dealt with it.

    By that I mean is it bothering you that you haven't told anyone or is it just that you don't feel it necessary to disclose it to anyone?

    Some things are just better left "in the closet", especially if would just bring hurt to others.
  3. Lee11

    Lee11 Active Member

    I read somewhere that someone quoted that we have THREE lives...a public one, a private one and a secret one. I felt that this is as close to the truth, at least my truth - it is different for everyone.

    I do have secrets, sure, but none that will hurt anyone...just the kind that protects me from negativity and judgement. I see to it that i respect others, and my secrets add value to my life - as it seriously has nothing to do with anyone else.
  4. Danni728

    Danni728 New Member

    Everybody has secrets. There are just somethings that people never need to know.
  5. Belligerent

    Belligerent New Member

    I do have a couple of big secrets, but they are big enough that I wouldn't share them with anyone, even my best friend.. because those secrets prove I'm a bad person.

    There are some mild secrets, such as the fact that I'm bisexual.. but I do let most people know that as soon as I get close to them because it is a part of me and if they can't accept that, I don't want to be friends with them anyway.
  6. Roxanne_101

    Roxanne_101 Member

    I have a big secret that I'm afraid to tell anyone. I do think people will view me as a bad person, even though I'm not. I am also afraid of the judgement that will come from saying it. People are very harsh these days and not understanding to the fact that people make mistakes.
  7. zararina

    zararina Member

    I also believe that everyone have secrets whether it is a big or small secrets.

    I do have secrets and keep it because I think it will be the best to just keep it. Or I could not see any reason why it should be known to everyone. There are secrets better left unsaid or regret making it known in the end. :p
  8. clewand550

    clewand550 Member

    I agree. Everyone has secrets. Some are hurtful secrets and some could just be embarrassing secrets. I also believe that secrets are meant to be kept secrets and only shared with those that are the closest to you. The one that you trust with your whole heart. The person that won't criticize you for what you believe in or what you have done. The person that will love you no matter what. My secrets are kept for that person that has a very special place in my heart.
  9. altrouge

    altrouge Member

    I've cheated on my boyfriend once, well twice, I've cheated on two boyfriends. It's confusing so let me explain :

    I had this boyfriend, we were going out for 10 months when I met this other guy. We clicked, and we started going out as well. None of them knew I was dating them both at the same time. This second boyfriend had to go away for a week or two due to a trip, and while he's at it there's this guy who was in love and obsessed with me, and I started dating him too. When the second boyfriend came back he figured it out and we broke up after a few days since I had to choose. I chose the third one. The first one is still my boyfriend and doesn't have a clue. Second boyfriend's gone just after a month relationship., so first and third are left. My first boyfriend and I broke up when he found out about the third boyfriend, and that time our relationship was around 1 year 2 months. Relationship with third boyfriend carried on until I broke up with him after 1 year and 3 months.

    Now I'm in a really serious relationship, and I would never do such thing again.
  10. Chavaun Jones

    Chavaun Jones Member

    I think my secret is one that plenty of people have, whether they acknowledge or are even
    aware of it.

    I'm in a relationship that I know is going nowhere and I choose to stay to stay in it for the sake
    of my children. The only man they have ever known is their father, my boyfriend. We've been
    engaged for 8 yrs, I'm no longer sexually attracted to him ( unless I'm feeling frisky ), I'm irritated
    with him most of the time b/c he isn't a solid, reliable provider, meaning most of the time the bulk
    of responsibility falls to me to take care of the household expenses. I grew up in a single parent
    household and would rather my children not have to. So I stay and deal.
  11. SarahLizzie

    SarahLizzie Member

    I do have a couple big secrets that no one or one person knows. With my first daughter i was in an extremely abusive relationship, i left my boyfriend at one point and slept with my exbf. A week later I was back with my abusive partner, which was a horrific mistake, i found out I was pregnant and was too scared to tell the man I slept with some one else. I never had a paternity test done to know which man was definately her father. But my fiancee is going to legally adopt her, especially since he has been in her life for longer than whom I believe her biological father to be.

    My other big secret is I believe I have an eating disorder. I am too embaressed and ashamed to tell my fiancee, mother, or doctor.
  12. UmiNoor

    UmiNoor Member

    The secret that I've kept to myself all my life happened a long time ago when I was just a teenager when I was just a foolish little girl who doesn't know anything at all. But the secret doesn't really affect anyone else and it doesn't hurt anybody except if it's known to others so I guess I should continue to keep it a secret that only I know to my grave.
  13. dconklin

    dconklin Member

    I am a pretty open person. I honestly can't think of any secrets that I have. I am sure if I thought about it long enough, I may come up with something. I have always had a few people in my life that I could tell anything to without being judged. I am also a "you like me, cool" or "you don't like me, ok your decision" kind of person. I try to keep open lines of communication with those closest to me - friends, my daughters, family and my honey.
  14. portia

    portia New Member

    I have lots of secrets that I do not think I will ever be disclosing. I mean the minute you start trusting and sharing your secrets that is the moment when your life usually begins to turn up side down. It's sad to say but in this world genuine friends are few. I'll continue to let my deeds remain a secret.:eek:
  15. Trellum

    Trellum Member

    I've so many secrets, most of those secrets are not a secret to my best friend, but they are to most people who think they know me. There are things I haven't told my partner and most likely never will... ever. Unless it's really necessary to do so for whatever reason. Then I might.

    There are things that are better off to be untold. The woman must have common sense to discern which one are those secrets that should never be heard by anyone.
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