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That special thing YOU do for YOU...

Discussion in 'Fun Time' started by Lee11, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. Lee11

    Lee11 Active Member

    As a female we have many roles: daughter, sister, mother, niece, bff, girlfriend, wife...and more. With those roles come so many duties and we have to give so much. It is beautiful and a great honor, but sometimes it can cause burnout...we become tired, or depressed or simply angry.

    So...what is that special thing that you do for you that makes Life right again...that restores your depleted energy?

    For me that special thing that I do for me, is one of three things: a movie at the cinema, a vigorous walk along the beachfront or a treatment at a spa. It depends on what I can afford at that point in time. A good bath with candles, bath salts, a scrub and mask works wonders too.

    I was wondering what that special thing is that you do for you?
  2. Lucky120

    Lucky120 Member

    To be honest nothing. I sometimes might go driving, but there are times when I really cannot do anything, because there is so much to do around the house and with my son. I am currently pregenat and sometimes it is just hard to find something for me to do. I just need to find something to do rather than be home all day, so today I am going to try and go to walmart or so ething with the baby so he can use his gift card. I hope we can make it thatfar haha.
  3. littlebird

    littlebird New Member

    Reading. When I read I really go into another world, and I hate being interrupted. I like to sit in the bath and read until everyone else goes to sleep. I'll read 1/4th of a book on a night like that and go to sleep at 3 am.
  4. mylyric

    mylyric New Member

    The special thing I do for myself at least twice a month is go get a pedicure. I make sure I buy the most relaxing package (Warm stones, wax, massage...etc), which relieves so much stress. My husband tries to push for me to treat myself more often, but I hate spending to much money when bills need to be paid.
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  5. claudine

    claudine Member

    Usually, in the evening, I hide in my room, I cover myself with soft blankets and pillows and I read interesting books:) It's my 'me time'. I really need it. It relaxes me and it makes me feel happy. There is nothing better than a good book and a cup of hot, delicious coffee or a glass of white wine.
    When I'm very sad, I go shopping and I look for lovely, frilly skirts:p
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  6. pipps

    pipps Member

    Wow, I wish I could afford to treat myself twice a year, never mind twice a month. You're very lucky to be able to afford to treat yourself to that so often. I hope I can in the future.

    Every Saturday or Sunday night is time for me. I usually buy some magazines and a few tasty nibbly bits to eat and I put on a good film. I do this on my own and really enjoy this time. I really look forward to this each week and try and make an effort with it each time. In the night time is also down time for me too. Twice a week I do yoga and then I spent the rest of the night reflecting on how the day has gone and my goals. I usually read interesting and self development books whenever I can too which I love.
  7. kiwigirl

    kiwigirl Member

    Traveling rejuvenates my spirit, so I work hard (and try to work smarter of course) in order to travel overseas regularly. Spending the day on a white sandy beach, with warm turquoise water is something I love to do.
  8. LaurenTaylor

    LaurenTaylor New Member

    Invite the gals round for a movie and let the wine flow. We just kick off the hard troubles of the week and watch a film forgetting the men in out lives.
  9. GoSenseless

    GoSenseless Member

    Long, long warm shower.
    But I do feel a bit guilty about wasting too much water for it so I have a bucket in the shower so that the water (at least part of) falls in it -- I use it later on for toilet and cleaning stuff. Hahhaa.

    Or cookies.
  10. Kamaria Jones

    Kamaria Jones New Member

    Lay back and chill while I watch my favorite movies, but before I do that I get myself a treat, then it's my time.
  11. Zynni

    Zynni Member

    A long bath with a good book does wonders. If I could afford it, I'd go for a massage.

    Sometimes, I just treat myself to some "me time," even if I don't have money to spend. It could just be a little window shopping, or a visit to a pretty park for some fresh air.
  12. L3Hub

    L3Hub New Member

    I have a routine me-time which I enjoy doing. I start my day with a 'ritual' which basically comprises of my well-being - morning showers and breakfast before I head out, plan my day at work, going for my jogs in the evenings and maintain close communication with my family.

    Most times I would make time in the evening to work on my goals or do something I like (paint or write). Sometimes I go for massages.

    These recharge activities should not be done 'once in a while' because by the time we realize we need them, we're probably close to burning out.
  13. Gladie25

    Gladie25 New Member

    Me, every time I hear music, I can not help but I dance. Little impost where I am, I dance.
  14. Gladie25

    Gladie25 New Member

    hello everyone, have a nice day
  15. Gladie25

    Gladie25 New Member

    Hello everybody!

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