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Thank goodness for facial wipes

Discussion in 'Girlie Gossip' started by Gabriellea, Nov 16, 2015.

  1. Gabriellea

    Gabriellea Active Member

    Do you always take your make-up off at night, even if you are too tired? I always have some baby wipes or facial wipes nearby so I can take off my make-up at whatever time of the day it is.

    It's not as good as a proper cleanse, but it's still better for your skin and save staining your pillowcases.
  2. deathbykarma

    deathbykarma New Member

    I always, always remove my makeup at night! I've learned from my mistakes: if I'm feeling really tired, I usually don't even trust myself to enter my bedroom because I know that I'll end up falling asleep with my makeup and wake up to a major breakout!

    Facial wipes are really a game-changer! I always keep a pack near my bedside just in case.

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