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Terrible fight with sister.

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by LiaaS, Nov 14, 2016.

  1. LiaaS

    LiaaS New Member

    I've got a sister who is four years elder to me. Recently, she came over to stay at my place, cause she broke up with her boyfriend and wanted me to be besides her during her rough times. Even though I was going a bit rough financially, I was actually glad to help her. Cause we were never that close and I thought things would at least change now. But, it sure didn't happen that way. She is usually pretty careless with her stuffs and I'm not sure how, but she lost around 500 $ from her purse. She searched out the whole place and found the 500$ I had saved out from my salary, in my cupboard. She thought it was her's and I had stolen it. We had a huge fight and she left immediately. One week later I got theft charges against me. I really can't believe this. How can my own sister do this with me. Anyways, I'm now searching for a good lawyer to get me out of this. A friend recommended theses lawyers to me, hope they can help me out.
    Even though I was never close with my sister, yet I feel very bad for ending up like this. Now, I really don't know whether we'll ever speak to each other ever in our lives.
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