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New Star Trek Movie

Discussion in 'Trekkie Girls' started by Parker, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. Parker

    Parker Member

    I am very exciting about the new Star Trek movie coming out next year. Even though I am fan of the original series I really enjoy the JJ Abrams reboot of the series. It's a fresh perspective and it also introduces Trek to a new generation.

    The official teaser video:

  2. UmiNoor

    UmiNoor Member

    I saw the trailer to the next Star Trek movie but I don't really understand what the story's about. Perhaps I'm not an avid Star Trek fan so I don't really know what the story's about. But I did watch the first remake movie of Star Trek. I enjoyed it and I really love the special effects. It's just that some parts of the story can be quite confusing especially the part about how the old Spock came to be in the same universe as the young Spock.
  3. Parker

    Parker Member

    The plot of the movie is top secret. They producers want the plot and the villain of the movie to be a surprise.

    I enjoyed the first reboot too. I was able to follow the plot, but it's weird to have two Spocks even though Spock is my favorite character.
  4. trishgl

    trishgl Member

    I loved this movie! My husband and I took our sons to see it and forgive my language but it was kick ass! Finally a modern version of Khan! I also think that the actor who played Khan gave a convincing performance. I loved him in the TV series Sherlock too.
  5. MizzDeeDee

    MizzDeeDee Member

    Benedict Cumberbatch! I love that guy! He's a fantastic actor. I heard that some people were upset because Khan wasn't Indian. I found this somewhat amusing because the original Khan, Ricardo Montalban, was Hispanic. I actually thought they both were good in the role of Khan, but for different reasons. They both brought something different to the role.
  6. SophiaLazar

    SophiaLazar New Member

    The casting in this new series is phenomenal! how did they get it all to flow so well with them and the way they seem bonded to each other is so in line with the original. I also think that it was very fortunate for me since finally I had just found a boyfriend that loves sci fi like I do and of course this was something to watch together. We were watching it on my big HP laptop in my room with both my cats on the bed, and in the one where the enterprise crash lands, right at the suspenseful moment when it came to a final stop the lights went out in the whole house!:eek: My heart leaped and we were sitting alone in the dark... Kind of a silly geek nerd :love: romantic moment that we both will remember when the new one comes out. :LOL:
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