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My Coldplay story ://3

Discussion in 'The Expression Centre' started by Lugia, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. Lugia

    Lugia Active Member

    This is a sort of odd Coldplay fan fiction I started writing... it's probably very weird but it's meant to feel like you are in a video game... it's very sci-fi but I hope you all like it.

    Here is the first part.


    Character names are bolded.
    Significant items are italicized.
    Battle information is underlined.


    [You are Jonny Buckland. You are the guitarist in the band Coldplay. You are the strongest of your friends at Attack lv.4. Your overall level is 5.]

    The stars gently sparkle and glitter in the violet sky as you calmly walk to join your friends at the Bakery, your band's music studio. Your breath turns to fog as it enters the cold, winter air. Thankfully, however, both your hat and your new coat effectively keep you warm.

    You eventually arrive at the Bakery and step through the door. It's very warm inside compared to the unforgiving cold of the night. You take your coat off and carefully hang it up; however, as you do so, the mirror that had been hanging on the wall falls to the floor and shatters into a million tiny little pieces with a terrific C-R-A-S-H.

    As one of the pieces of glass goes flying across the floor, it hits your leg, reducing your HP meter by 1 point. Fantastic. Although it's not a terrible loss, these Meters are a pain in the neck to refill. You suppose it's not a big deal - you still have 29 points left.

    You sweep up the broken glass and lean the frame of the mirror against the wall. Strangely, none of your friends seem to have heard. You mean to tell the others about it, but as you enter the room the four of you get started with practice so quickly that you forget about it right away.

    It was, after all, just a cheap looking mirror...


    You sit on the damp floor, leaning against the cold, brick wall. It's awfully chilly in this place; and to make matters worse you can't see a thing in front of you. Pretty soon, you figure, your eyes will fall out and you'll grow one of those weird lamp things that some kind of fish who lives on the bottom of the ocean has (you're just a little bit worried about that). If there were any light in... wherever it was you are trapped, one would be able to tell that your eyes are a violent purple and that you have light-brown, curly hair.

    Not that any of that stuff matters anymore; you are the only one down here, and for all you know, you're trapped here for the rest of time. You manage to keep track of time using a unique and confusing calender system that only you can understand using some bits and pieces of brick that you'd managed to find lying around on the floor as you slowly scuffled around the place, trying not to crash into anything. According to your brick pieces, you've been down here for a total of 53 years, 4 months, and 12 days. It goes without saying that you've been incredibly bored, and not to mention...


    Suddenly feeling rather depressed, you slouch downward, resting your head against the slimey, old brick, feeling sorry for yourself. Before you can become too lost in your self-pity, you see something in the distance, which in itself is a shock.

    You've just SEEN something. For 53 years, 4 months, and 12 days, you've been trapped in complete darkness... and now you can see again!

    What you actually are seeing is the most amazing part. You aren't entirely sure what this thing is, but it's glowing brightly; so brightly, in fact, that it's actually kind of painful. You don't care about this, though - valiantly, you stand up, straighten your back, and walk toward it, determined to solve this mystery once and for-


    You seem to have run into a weird thing. How dare it get in the way of your adventure! You're trying to explore, here! What a stupid object. It's just two metal rods held together by shorter bars that go up the entire length of the... wait a second. You remember what this thing is, you saw them all the time before you were trapped in this place. It is a metal bar thing! No wait, that's not right... metal climbing device...? Not quite.

    You give up with this nonsense and cautiously place your foot on the first rung of the metal ladder (that's much better). Seeing that it seems to be able to hold your weight, you lift up your other foot and the thing still doesn't come crashing to the ground. Gaining confidence, you bravely climb the ladder and into the painfully bright light above you.
  2. Lugia

    Lugia Active Member

    Second part:


    [You are Chris Martin. You are the singer in the band Coldplay. You have the highest hitpoints of all your friends at 35. Your overall level is 5.]

    You and your friends are minding your own business, just playing all of your music and having a generally pleasant time, when all of a sudden you hear an ominous C-R-A-S-H on the other side of the studio. Nervously, you look at each of your friends before walking over to the source of the gigantic noise to investigate.

    As you enter the room, the four of you are greeted by a slightly unnerving sight. On the floor lies a broken mirror and through the empty frame climbs a man who looks EXACTLY like you. He has to struggle to pull himself free, but once he is outside of the mirror he turns around and you find yourself staring into his cold, violet eyes.

    [???]: Oh, it's you... what luck, freeing myself from the prison I was trapped in for about 54 years only to find that I've emerged in the completely wrong universe.

    You and your friends exchange nervous looks. Whoever this guy is, he can't be up to any good; you can tell just by the look in his eyes that he's looking for trouble.

    [???]: Hmmph, still. I can always call for backup, this is fantastic news...

    Your 'twin' chuckes evilly.

    [???]: It's good to see you... Chris.

    [Chris]: Okay, who the hell are you, what are you doing here... and how do you know our names?

    [???]: I figured you'd ask that. To put it simply, Chris, I am you... except not really. I am here by accident, but due to the fact that there seems to be a gaping hole in the universe, thanks to Mr. Buckland--

    [Jonny]: Wait, what--

    [???]: I AM TALKING!! ahem... ...as I was saying. There's a gaping hole in the universe, and I suspect that broken mirror is the source of it.

    [Chris]: ...huh. Well uh, so you're... gonna help us fix it or what?

    Your twin lets out a harsh, cruel laugh.

    [???]: HELP you?! Are you kidding?! Of course not! ...you see, Chris, I've never been a particularly huge fan of this dump you all call a universe, so I'm going to do the right thing.

    He closes his eyes for a moment before opening them again and crosses his arms.

    [???]: I'm going to wipe out every square inch of this universe... starting with you four!

    Will steps forward.

    [Will]: ...okay, I'm not sure who the hell you think you are, but the four of us are busy and nobody has any time for this bullshit. I suggest you leave before we call the cops.

    Your evil twin rolls his eyes.

    [???]: Aww, I'm so scared... Mr. Tough Guy's gonna tell on me!!

    Will clenches his fists.

    [Will]: I'm warning you...

    [???]: Ooooh, well well well, since someone seems to be in a somewhat crabby mood I think the most suitable way to settle this conflict is with a battle...

    [Chris]: Look, we're just politely asking you to leave. We don't want any trouble--

    [???]: Oh, my bad, I forgot to mention...

    Mirror Martin set his HP Meter to combat mode!

    [Mirror Martin]: That wasn't a question!

    >>battle mode activated

    You feel slightly dizzy when you first find yourself in this mode. Considering you're a singer in a band, the only modes you ever really use your HP Meter for are 'normal setting' and 'sleep mode'. Battle mode, on the other hand, completely activates all of your stats and EXP points (not that you've ever understood any of that junk) and pretty much pumps them up to the very max. It feels a bit unnerving... but at the same time you feel a bit energized - it's kind of exciting, actually. But you don't have time to appreciate this, as your mirror counterpart is already on the offense.

    [Mirror Martin lv.8]: I can tell by the stupid looks on your faces that you've never even used this mode before... that explains why I'm level eight and you all are only level five! Oh well, enough talk, let's get this show on the road!

    Mirror Martin lunges toward you, lashing out with his foot. You manage to jump out of the way, but he manages to hit your knee as he flies past, draining one of your HP.

    [Chris lv.5] //-1 HP//

    You try to punch your twin as he runs off, but he's too quick and easily dodges your attack.

    [Chris lv.5] //MISS//

    [Mirror Martin lv.8]: Alright, now it's your turn, fufufu~

    You hesitate a moment before finally running toward Mirror Martin. You swing a punch at him and he quickly dodges - he moves so quickly you don't even see it. You throw a kick and the same thing happens.

    Losing your temper, you let loose with a whole series of attacks, all of which your evil twin quickly evades - he is practically teleporting around!

    [Chris lv.5] //MISS//

    [Chris lv.5] //MISS//

    [Chris lv.5] //MISS//

    [Chris lv.5] //MISS//

    Frustrated and a little bit tired, you give up and the 'turn' goes to Jonny. You make a mental note to try to do a bit more research on this mode, but you realize that by the time you can reach your phone it'll probably be too late.

    It IS just a mode though, so none of you are in any risk of actually getting hurt.


    [Jonny lv.5]: Uh, okay so... I think I have to move... this over here and... um.

    You are growing more and more concerned by the second. It's becoming clear that not one of you have any idea what you're doing.

    Finally, though, Jonny sort of figures out how to work this new battle interface and he's able to at least attempt to attack your evil twin. You don't understand why you have to open up the attack menu just to punch someone, but you don't know anything about this mode so you just decide to deal with it for now.

    Jonny, as expected, completely misses his target. However, on his second attempt he manages to brush against your opponent's shoulder. It's not a terrible blow... but it's a start.

    [Mirror Martin lv.8] //-2 HP//

    Jonny's turn ends and now it's Will's time to attack. The one thing you DO know about all of this stuff is that he's got the highest defense of all of you - it's a definite advantage for him but you still worry - this twin of yours is awfully tough for a guy who's just level eight. You've seen a few contests on TV while channel flipping - while you never really paid attention to any of the nonsense, you've learned that people with moves like this guy should be at LEAST Level 20...

    You realize that you're starting to get distracted and start paying attention again. Will is really struggling; Mirror Martin is using that teleportation technique that he used for you. Eventually Will stops and observes your evil twin... and he keeps on teleporting around randomly - it could just be you, but it seems like he has no control over this technique... you make a mental note of that as Will makes one last futile attempt to attack just before it's Guy's turn.

    Guy looks nervous to attack - after the way this 'battle' has been going, you can't quite blame him... not about to be the one to chicken out, he nervously goes forward and attacks - and he launches forward with almost astonishing speed.

    [Guy lv.5] //DIRECT HIT!//

    [Mirror Martin lv.8]] //-8 HP//

    Guy's eyes widen nervously as he glances down at his still-clenched fist and then looks back up at Mirror Martin. Your evil twin looks, to say the least, pretty pissed off.
  3. Lugia

    Lugia Active Member


    [Guy lv.5]: Uhh...

    It's your twin's turn again, and you wince even before his attack even starts. This is gonna get rather ugly - a tiny bit of blood came out of his nose after Guy hit him and you can see the rage in the twin's wild, violet eyes.

    Mirror Martin starts using his teleportation technique again - this time attacking as he flies crazily around. Guy ducks down and tries uselessly to protect himself.

    [Guy lv.5] //-5 HP//

    [Guy lv.5] //-7 HP//

    [Guy lv.5] //-9 HP//

    [Guy lv.5] //-3 HP//

    After just four hits, Mirror Martin finally has to end his turn. Using both teleportation and his physical attacks must drain some sort of meter or something? Boy do you have a LOT of research to do.

    Research, however, is the least of your worries at this moment - the four hits that Guy took drained a total of twenty-four hitpoints - Guy only has twenty-eight. One more hit and he's down. You grow rather tense as you realize this and remember the fact that your turn is coming up. The four of you have got to figure out how to beat this guy before his next turn...

    [Mirror Martin lv.8]: Wait are you waiting for, Chris? It's your turn, you know~

    You've quickly grown irritated with this... THING. He creeps you out and his attitude is horrible... just looking at him makes your hair prickle with rage and--

    [Mirror Martin lv.8]: Oooh, I made him blush! I made him blush~

    You finally get pissed off to the point where you sprint toward your evil twin - however, as you do so, he sticks his foot out in front of your feet, sending you flying. You come crashing to the ground.

    [Chris lv.5] //-3 HP//

    Mirror Martin jumps on top of you in a counterattack.

    [Chris lv.5] //-5 HP//

    You groan. You're starting to get a headache - and can only imagine how Guy must be feeling right now.

    Jonny steps - or, to be more precise - jumps forward and manages to slam his fist right into your twin's chest. Mirror Martin stumbles backwards a bit but doesn't lose his balance.

    [Jonny lv.5] //DIRECT HIT!//

    [Mirror Martin lv.8] //-4 HP//

    It wasn't a bad attack at all - now that's four less hitpoints your evil twin has to use. But he still has thirty-one left. You've got twenty-six.

    Mirror Martin attempts a counter attack that Jonny thankfully manages to avoid. Will steps up next. He lets loose with an impressive and powerful attack...

    [Will lv.5] //MISS//

    ...that, unfortunately, completely misses the target. Mirror Martin responds with a counter-attack.

    [Will lv.5] //-3 HP//

    As the turn goes to Guy, you grow nervous - scared, actually - it's already his turn again and you all have barely left a scratch on your twin. You can only hope that Guy can pull off another powerful hit like he did last time.

    Guy uses the first attack that had hit Mirror Martin - but this time he's ready. He jumps out of the way and uses his foot to violently throw Guy to the ground...

    [Guy lv.5] //-3 HP//

    ...he's just barely hanging on, by just one hitpoint, if he can evade Mirror Martin's counter-attack, then just maybe--

    Guy swears out loud as he skids violently across the carpet, burning himself.

    [Guy lv.5] //-1 HP//

    >> User GUY has been eliminated! MIRROR MARTIN gained #### EXP points!

    He hung on to that one last hitpoint only to lose it... to a carpet burn. Guy disappears - you worry for a split second but remember that he's probably just been thrown back into normal mode.

    You also think about the EXP bar you saw over Mirror Martin's head. Surely it should have grown, even a little? You know for sure that it should have shown a number rather than those strange symbols. Odd...

    The main thing you need to worry about right now is that now there's only three of you left to fight this 'thing'. However, the chances of your survival become rather grave when you see a troublesome smile spread across Mirror Martin's cruel, pale face.

    [Mirror Martin lv.8]: It seems that the markers on my Attack Meter have properly lined up - now I can use one of my special moves... fufufu~

    [Chris lv.5]: ...wait, special move? What does that even mean...?

    [Mirror Martin lv.8]: Two of you are about to find out... hm... which ones do I want to destroy first~

    You swallow nervously as Mirror Martin glances at each of you. He smiles, obviously a signal that he's made his decision. You brace yourself, almost certain that you are the next to get KO'd.

    [Mirror Martin lv.8]: Reverse Sandstorm... uh, Zeta!

    Sand swirls around Mirror Martin's feet. His eyes glow brightly as he leaps into the air - you brace yourself for a harsh attack. However, he surprises you as he flips himself backward into a nearly uncontrollable spin before launching himself at Will and Jonny.

    Both try to dive out of the way, but the range of the attack is too great - as Mirror Martin slams himself into the ground, sand explodes outward, knocking your two remaining partners over and draining their hitpoints... completely. They are eliminated instantly, leaving just you to fend for yourself against your evil twin.

    Maybe that's why he attacked them first - because maybe he wanted to fight you alone?

    >> Users WILL and JONNY have been eliminated! MIRROR MARTIN gained #### EXP points!

    You are hit by some excess sand that flies from the main point of impact.

    [Chris lv.5] //-5 HP//

    Mirror Martin also takes some recoil from his special move after he was slammed into the ground.

    [Mirror Martin lv.8] //-5 HP//

    It's a bit of an advantage, but now you've got only twenty-one hitpoints and he's got twenty-six. It's not a huge difference in hitpoints alone... but he's about six times more powerful than you are.

    [Chris lv.5]: Alright, listen up.

    It's your turn, so you decide to take advantage of that fact in order to get answers.

    [Chris lv.5]: Before this goes any further, I want to ask you something... okay... exactly who are you and why do you hate us all so much?

    [Mirror Martin lv.8]: Hmm... I'm about to kick your ass to Neptune and back so I guess this is a fair deal~ anyway, I'm you, Chris--

    [Chris lv.5]: How is that possible, we're nothing--

    [Mirror Martin lv.8]: It's rude to interrupt, Chris. As I was saying... oh, right. I am you. Now I know we're not anything alike (thank God)... that's because in my universe things are different... you and I are similar in some ways, polar opposites in most...

    [Chris lv.5]: Now what does that have anything to do with you trying to essentially wipe out our universe? We haven't done anything to you...

    [Mirror Martin lv.8]: ...yet. Soon, very soon one of the four of you will try to destroy me once and for all, outside of the battle mode, triggering a war that will repeat itself over and over again for the rest of time! Your universe will tear itself to shreds, fufufu~
  4. Lugia

    Lugia Active Member


    [Chris lv.5]: ...what the hell are you talking about? None of us have any idea who you are! If you could just try to be reasonable then maybe we could work something out!

    [Mirror Martin lv.8]: Oh, Chris... you're the one being unreasonable~ and what do you know, you took so long with your babbling that your turn is over now! Fufufu~

    At this point, you're beyond nervous - you're scared, terrified actually - and now you're about to get your ass kicked.

    [Chris lv.5]: --! Wait, listen to me -- we can--!!

    Mirror Martin jumps forward with all his might and slams you right in the face while you're distracted.

    [Chris lv.5] //-11 HP//

    To make matters worse, when you land you hit the ground so hard that you lose half your remaining hitpoints.

    [Chris lv.5] //-5 HP//

    Full of pain, you slowly stagger to your feet, not quite strong enough to fight back against the still-powerful Mirror Martin, but you've got to try... it's your turn and--

    [Mirror Martin lv.8] //DIRECT HIT!//

    [Chris lv.5] //-5 HP//

    W-w-w-what?! How is that even possible?! HE JUST FUCKING COUNTER-ATTACKED YOU BEFORE YOU EVEN HAD A CHANCE TO MOVE!! He's cheating, he's got to be... this isn't fair... you struggle one last time to get to your feet but you can feel yourself being pulled out of the Mode... as you hit the ground you can hear the infuriatingly calm voice of the computer as you're sucked back into reality.

    >> User CHRIS has been eliminated! MIRROR MARTIN gained #### EXP points!

    >> Disengaging battle mode... Mirror Martin (lv.8) is the victor!!


    . . .

    . . .

    You grit your teeth in pain as you slowly wake up. Reluctantly you open your eyes and find that you and your bandmates are all sprawled out all over the floor, barely awake. Your vision is blurred but you can see well enough to see Mirror Martin standing over you, grinning.

    [Mirror Martin]: Aww, you all lost! How sad, fufufu~ well, I've got work to do so I'll be off now...

    Your evil twin happily walks out of the door, leaving you and your bandmates to lie exhausted and battered on the floor of the Bakery.

    One of the four of you will try to destroy me once and for all, outside of the battle mode, triggering a war that will repeat itself over and over again for the rest of time!

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