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How do you feel about colored lipstick and eye shadow?

Discussion in 'Girlie Gossip' started by angelle, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. angelle

    angelle Member

    Before I learned how to put on make up, I would always say that I hate it and the truth is, I loved it. A lot of girls would ask me why I didn't wear make up and that was because I didn't know how to apply it. Now that I am well adept, I love playing around with bold colors and eye shadows. I can't wait to purchase more colors. How do you feel about bold colors? Are you comfortable wearing it?
  2. jenniferb7890

    jenniferb7890 New Member

    I am usually, but I do have to be in the right state of mind for it. When wearing bold colors I love matching my shirt and/or shoes to my make up. It gives me quite the leap of confidence.
  3. claudine

    claudine Member

    No, unfortunately colorful make up doesn't look good on me. Also, I don't know how to apply it:oops: Usually, I wear black eyeliner and black mascara, that's it. I love black clothes and black make up, it's so classy and it makes me feel pretty.
  4. Vanna

    Vanna New Member

    I have always worn lipstick and eye shadow, though I never did get too wild with it. I wear colorful eye shadow, mainly pinks and purples. I never could wear red lipstick, it just doesn't look good on me and I don't like pinks or orangey lipstick either. I usually wear a lipstick that has a brownish tone like a taupe or mocha.
  5. angelle

    angelle Member

    Making your shoes or shirt with your make sounds like a good idea, I think it would look cute. I think that I might try that out and see how it looks. I am always up for new ideas. :)
  6. angelle

    angelle Member

    Aw, I'm sure you would look great with colored make-up. Black eye liner and black mascara looks really nice, but what about for a special occasion? You could add a little color and you can learn on You Tube just as I did. :)
  7. claudine

    claudine Member

    Thank you! Maybe I should look for some YouTube videos, but to be honest I'm pretty lazy when it comes to make-up and I don't like experimenting.
    For a special occasion I apply black eyeshadow, lol:p. I love smoky eye make-up, it looks so sexy.
  8. cefmac

    cefmac New Member

    I wouldn't wear bold lipstick and eyeshadow at the same time, but it can look very effective if you downplay the other feature. I'd only be inclined to wear it for a night out though, as I'm not big on heavy, bold make-up. I wouldn't mind trying red lipstick, but I've yet to find the perfect shade for me.
  9. katews

    katews Member

    I prefer subtle colors for myself... it just doesn't work for me to use the bold eye shadows and lip colors. Sometimes I go a little brighter with the eyes, but never lipstick.
  10. Roxanne1980

    Roxanne1980 New Member

    Hi Everyone

    I will admit i struggle with make-up so much, so bold colours for me at the moment are a no no but i admit i would wear bold colours if i could actually do make-up lol at the minute i wear very pale colours which hide the fact that im rubbish at doing it.

    Roxanne xxx
  11. Brighteyes

    Brighteyes Member

    Please see my posting under your "so-called" introduction.
  12. Dreek Lass

    Dreek Lass Member

    I think that it depends on the skin tone of the woman or man - as far as my drag King and Queen brothers and sisters go - but it can look spectacular on some, and absolutely horrid on others. I have cringed in the face of bold make-up before, and I have also snapped my fingers and blurted, 'You Look FIERCE!'

    As far as myself, I hardly wear make-up, and if I do then it is always eyeliner, and that is it. I am a very pretty girl, and I only like my big beautiful eyes outlines to make them pop all the more.
  13. kiwigirl

    kiwigirl Member

    I like experimenting with bold lip colors but normally play it safe when it comes to eye shadow e.g my go to palette is Naked 2 by Urban Decay. My mom on the other hand only wears colored eye shadow and doesn't see the appeal of Urban Decay's Naked range.

    When I have worn colored eye shadow (mostly through my hobby of acting) I've got compliments on it, perhaps as I try to keep it natural and not too over the top. In one play where I played a princess I wore lilac eyeshadow, which I actually liked.
  14. jemcatlol

    jemcatlol New Member

    I wear bold eyeshadow, but only scented lip balm on my lips.
  15. pipps

    pipps Member

    Right now, I don't feel like that suits me but I think that is because I don't know how to apply it! I have tried eye-shadow in the past but always feel like I look stupid and take it off and just flick on a bit of mascara. I once created an eyeshadow effect with one of my kohl eye liner pencils and everyone kept saying how amazing my eyes looked. So maybe I just need to practice a bit more and be a bit more confident.
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