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Do You Wear Weave?

Discussion in 'Girlie Gossip' started by Dreek Lass, Aug 27, 2013.

  1. Dreek Lass

    Dreek Lass Member

    There is a common misconception that the only women to wear weave are black women. That is total and complete lies lol. Yes, some black women wear weave, but I have come to learn over the years that is is not only black women who wear weave. In fact, women of all races wear weave and this is common knowledge now.

    I do not wear weave, because I am not really a girly girl like that. Do you?
  2. mylyric

    mylyric New Member

    I do from time to time, but only on certain occasions. You are absolutely right that all types of women wear weave or better yet "hair extensions". Many women I know love to rock short hair cuts, so when they feel the mood to look like Rapunzel the add them in.
  3. Dreek Lass

    Dreek Lass Member

    To me, any hair that is not your own is weave lol, whether it be hair extensions or not. My hair is not short. I was lucky enough to have long hair and it runs in my family. It could do with thickening up a little - it used to be very thick before I relaxed it years ago - but it has a nice volume at the moment. Could be thinner though, in my opinion.
  4. mylyric

    mylyric New Member

    My hair is long and thick, but I don't like to apply heat (curling irons etc...) to my hair. This is why I love hair weave, because you can buy it curly, wavy, straight. People are getting very good at putting weave in their hair, because it is looking very natural.
  5. Dreek Lass

    Dreek Lass Member

    White women an races that are not black have been good at it for years, because whilst they have had weave for ages, a lot of people are only just beginning to realize that the whole time it was weave and not natural hair on their heads lol. People expected black women to have short hair and when they had long hair automatically attributed it to being weave.
  6. MizzDeeDee

    MizzDeeDee Member

    Well, no. As you can see from my picture, I don't need one. That doesn't mean I'd be opposed to having one. I rather find the idea of wigs appealing too. It's like being a different person each time you wear a different wig.

    I'd also straighten my hair or get a "perm" if I knew it wouldn't destroy my hair. Which it would, because my hair is so fine.
  7. claudine

    claudine Member

    No, I've never worn wave nor any hair extensions. I'm pretty sure that it would annoy me if I had something so big and heavy pinned to my own hair. It just doesn't seem comfortable. Also, my boyfriend told me that he really doesn't like fake hair, fake eyelashes and other things like this. He wants me to look natural and I'm happy with it:)
  8. angelle

    angelle Member

    Yes, I wear a weave if I have plans to go out of town. I can't have something stuck to my head weeks or months at a time, I began to cultivate sores and redness on my scalp. I don't see how some women do it. I had several friends who would keep their week on for 3 - 6 months, that's outrageous! And yes women of all ethnic backgrounds wear weaves, not just African American women.
  9. amy005

    amy005 New Member

    I know plenty of women of all skin tones that wear extensions! It seems to be getting more common. I myelf have considerd it but I don't know if I would want to spend extra time caring for it. I think I'll just stick to curling and straightening my real hair for now.
  10. While I know many women wear weave regardless their race and age, I'm having a hair loss problem that makes me avoid manipulate my hair as much as possible to avoid it keeps falling,

    I'm not sure why of this, but it's probably due to hormonal changes and dietary supplement deficit, however I hope to have a chance to wear a weave sometime in the near future.
  11. kiwigirl

    kiwigirl Member

    I know of women of all ethnicities who wear a weave or hair extensions. I'm multiracial and a lot of people assume that most multiracial (European and Polynesian, although most people are surprised when they find out I'm Polynesian on my mom's side) women wear weaves but I have naturally straight long hair which is easy enough to maintain. I would consider a clip blunt bangs/fringe though.
  12. Hill87

    Hill87 New Member

    This is so true. I am half black half white and I quit wearing extensions and weaves after I saw the damage it did to my natural hair and scalp. Natural is really the way to go. Most of my biracial friends have resorted back to just letting their natural hair grow out. Weaves, unless you spend like literally thousands, end up looking like wigs. The closest I'll ever get to a weave again is clip-ins, which are still damaging.

    Kind of off topic, but the typical u-tip, and i-tip extensions used on fine Caucasian hair are in my opinion much more damaging than a weave. I've had both, and let me tell you, my hair began to thin in high school as a result of the heavy strands. So the whole hair thing is universal now.

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