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Big Brother: Manure Good

Discussion in 'Girlie Gossip' started by GossipQueen, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. GossipQueen

    GossipQueen New Member

    The housemates win the crap Task...

    The housemates from Hell piled into the Diary Room this evening to find out whether they'd won the Muck Spreading Task or not - but poor Luke had nowhere to sit.

    "Where am I gonna sit?" he moaned.

    "Here Luke, sit here!" Rebecca demanded, pulling the lad onto her lap. But she regretted her decision seconds later: "Arrgh, you're bony!"

    "Hello housemates," Big Brother began.

    "We don't want to fail," Mikey pleaded, acting as official spokesman for the Institute of the Blooming Obvious.

    "Congratulations," Big Brother intoned. "The housemates from Hell have successfully shovelled manure, and you will be issued with your rewards in due course."

    "Woooo!" they all cheered.

    "Rewards - that's two things," noted Lisa inaccurately.

    "Please be a good reward and don't be sarcastic," Stuart begged.

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