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Anyone Interested In A Signature Themed Week?

Discussion in 'Signatures & Avatars!!!' started by Snowbaby, Feb 20, 2008.


Anyone interested in a signature themed week?

  1. Yeah sure!

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  2. Um, no thanks!

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  3. I'd prefer if it was avatar themes

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  1. Snowbaby

    Snowbaby Active Member

    Is anyone interested in having a signature themed week? I.e. say for example, we all have a black themed signature one week, or a disney themed signature?

    Or even an avatar themed week?

    It's nothing major... you don't even have to make the siggy or avatar, there's a lot available online that you could incorporate into the theme!
  2. Purplex777

    Purplex777 New Member

    hmm.. good idea! I also agree, and ur right that people can get loads of them from some site, but many people still can't i think.. like me! I can't stand ugly signatures for me! LOL haha! i mean that all the people will start looking for just the pretty one, so I'd prefer if it was avatar themes.. it's much better i guess [​IMG]
  3. Lia

    Lia New Member

    I voted yes. I am doing this theme thing well. i will.

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