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An Unfinished Ending For Our Group Of Heroes :-(

Discussion in 'Trekkie Girls' started by asdmin000, Jul 23, 2011.

  1. asdmin000

    asdmin000 New Member

    I own all six seasons of 24 and this season is the buy seasons of Castle best of all of order Boston Legal seasons dvd them. The writers did an excellent job. Ghost Whisperer seasons boxset 1-5 I just hope they bring Bill Buchanan and his wife back into the picture. I also hope Jack's father survived with that little device. As mentioned by the other reviewers, this season Burn Notice complete dvd 1-3 of 24 was not too great, nothing compared to seasons prior. @ Mr.Bruno: have you even READ Ayn Rand? How could you even compare the nutjob ultra-"patriots" with Rand's heroes? Rand was all about people's individual rights - Gilmore Girls 1-7 boxset seasons right to life being DeadWood series collection a key one one of them. The whole strike in "Atlas Shrugged" was prompted by the heroes' demand of that right (and by extension - of their right to property). Please, take some time to read the actual books before stating something so ridiculous. As with all the 24 seasons, I strongly recommend Season 6 as order Curb Your Enthusiasm on dvd box set well. And, Amazon was great! I received my products in a very timely manner and even chose the "free" shipping, which should take longer...but didn't. I received it within one week and paid nothing for shipment! Can't beat that! I have every season of Scrubs dvd boxset 1-9 this series. It great watching is on TV. But the season packs offer more and Ghost Whisperer 1-5 series if you lucky get creaper on Ebay or Amazon marketplace sellers. The six offer so much twist in the series. Macgyver 1-7 box set on dvd The turnover of the cast like a new 24 hours collection series show. Only two are left from the original season. If you like Jack Bauer self detroying everything he touch, this season is for you. Disc 2 was damaged and we were unable to watch parts of the movie. The seller disclosed there were scratches but that they didn't impair being able to watch the DVD. I ordered this product before its release. Item was going to complete seasons of Cold Case be discounted...a pleasant surprise. Item came in a timely manner, without damage. I would not hesitate to order again. Jack Bauer is back in the sixth season of 24. Cold Case 1-7 seasons boxset I haven't watched it yet, but before I even peel back the vacu-wrap, I know several things: Jack will win. The Leverage box set seasons President will be in danger and make such stupid decisions, based on such crinkled logic that even your six year old will fling his cereal bowl across the room in disgust. Nobody will trust Jack's judgment, even though he is the only character who can blow his nose without calling a committee meeting for a ritual wringing of the hands. Jack will pull the fat out of the fire nevertheless. There will be a traitor in CTU. One of the main stars will kick the oxygen habit.This is a formula series. I'm sure season six will be as exciting as the previous five. At least the bad guys will get their just desserts without a bunch of silly Senators whining about The Closer 1-5 complete set how some scumbag terrorist's rights may have been violated. Jack always has his priorities straight: strenuously question the bad The Mentalist 1-2dvd series guy first, paying close attention to little white lies (indicated by darting eyes, complete sincerity or a combo of the two) then blow his head off.

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